World Cocktail Day : Know Interesting Facts about Cocktail

World Cocktail Day is celebrated globally to remember the term first defined on 13th may in 1806.

Cocktail is one of the most popular drinks in the current times. Not only it is easy to make but also one can find several handy options to customize it according to the mood. Cocktail is a drink made with different composition of alcoholic drinks and fruit juices. Usually made by mixing two or more drinks or juices together. It is popular because people loves to explore different tastes and different flavours and it fulfills it.

Though the inventor of Cocktail has been debated for decades, Jerry P Thomas, a American bartender is credited for invention of modern day cocktail

Here are some Interesting facts upon Cocktail, which you may not have known earlier.

1) The First ever recorded cocktail was made in late 1700s and was called “Bittered Sling”
2) The Modern day cocktail was invented in United States.
3) Some Cocktails have unexpected ingredients such as, mushrooms, root veggies, peas etc.
4) The Old Fashion is most popular Cocktail in the world.
5) Cocktail has several health benefits such as It reduces risks of diabetes and also lifts the mood.

Top 5 popular Cocktails in the world.

1) Old Fashioned
2) Muscow Mule
3) Negroni
4) Mojito


By- Tapasya Pati

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